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rules to all random other things that may come up

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Well, time for rules, rules to things that must get rules.

Video sharing rules
*This site is PG-13, that porn videos or anything too mature.
We want to make sure that everyone can view the videos and enjoy them.

*Give credit, I do in my weekly video updates, so you should to.
If you don't know the creator well..then say the video isn't yours. Just don't take credit if you didn't make it.

Picture rules
*PG-13, nothing too mature please. As stated above, we are family friendly.
* If you did not make the picture, please give credit. Now, sprite edits and banners and what not are in the gray area..but please state the original source if you can.

Oekaki rules
(I know it was closed due to lack of use but just in case we get one again)
*PG-13 rating y'all
*Please be fair and kind to the other members who use it. I don't want any fights on there.
* your art can be original characters, fan art or mascot based.
*Have fun

Please remember that more rules can be added at any time for these things, be sure to check if you are uncertain.

☆═━┈Admin Lead ┈━═★

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