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CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/

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1CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Empty CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:08 am


CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Charrr11

            - ❣ Charlemagne Thompson // "Charlie" // 24 years old // FC: Alex Turner

            - ❣ Father: Daniel Lee Thompson
            - ❣ Mother: Nelle Irene Thompson
            - ❣ Twin Sister: Cleopatra "Cleo" Thompson
            - ❣ Little Brother: Chrysippus "Chrys" Thompson

                The pesky parents are history buffs; their mom is into the Middle Ages-era and their father adores the Hellenistic period of Ancient Greece. They decided it was a good idea to name their children after various rulers to promote bullying for the rest of their pathetic lives. Small towns, small minds, eh... Not so great for the kiddos. Forevermore, the twins introduce themselves by their nicknames: "Charlie" and "Cleo," which aren't half bad by themselves.

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2CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Empty Personality Overview on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:15 am


CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Tumblr_m4atybaPum1rph13d

            negative traits;
            ❣ arrogant
            ❣ inflexible
            ❣ jealous
            ❣ resentful
            ❣ cynical
            ❣ self-centered

            positive traits;
            ❣ faithful
            ❣ hard-working
            ❣ inventive
            ❣ quick-witted
            ❣ honest
            ❣ passionate

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3CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Empty Background on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:31 am


CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Tumblr_mi4l3m0VbQ1ridqdlo1_500

            Birth: November 11th, 1990, 10:32pm -- Charlie was born approximately half an hour after his twin sister, Cleo. The twins (and subsequently, their younger brother born three years later) are named after famous historical figures their parents have come to know and love through their studies in college. The family stay in the same town that Daniel and Nelle Thompson settled in four years before.

            Toddler: Easy days. The twins ate potting soil, were potty-trained, and liked taking walks. Charlie and Cleo were introduced to their little brother who was born when they were three (on February 26th, 1994). They drew on Chrys' face with markers. Mother was not pleased.

            Elementary School: Charlie shows some potential in arts and crafts. He is one of two kids in a class of twelve that doesn't eat paste. He isn't given much grief over his name until later years when his classmates begin to realize how crazy his name sounds. At recess, his sister (pretty and well-liked) pretends she is her queenly namesake and her friends follow her around reverently. Charlie tries to explain that his namesake is a French king, but he doesn't get the same effect Cleopatra does. His friends get confused and they all go back to playing various sports because that's easier than explaining who Charlemagne was.

            Middle School: He was given more grief over his name. It became a ritual for him to talk to his teachers before they did the first roll call and get them to start calling him Charlie from the get-go. Music and Science become his favorite classes, though he excels in Science and Math more so. He starts the band program and plays trombone.

            High School: Charlie goes through the motions of high school. He becomes best friends with a cool group of kids that he knew in elementary school, but didn't really get to being friends with. He gets to be a little more involved with activities with them goading him on. He gets 2nd chair trombone in his second year of high school and moves up to first chair in his last two years. He takes all of the available science courses and proves to be an excellent student, but his heart is on music. On his down time, he learns to play guitar.

            Afterwards: Playing the trombone was cool and all, but he honestly loved playing guitar and singing a whole lot better. He goes to their town's sister city (on a few miles away) and meets a cool cat that becomes his percussionist to his two-man band. They have a go at it, but his pal backs out for "another calling," leaving Charlie on his own. Ever-passionate and ever-determined, he does his best to promote himself and give concerts. His sad, lonely act never gets him far despite all of his hard work to get it up and running. The music wasn't crowd-pleasing, and he was too proud and too inflexible to try tunes that the audience preferred. And down he fell...

            Now...: He's pretty moody now. Angry at the world for not giving him a chance to get out of the run-down town that he's lived in all of his life. His music career was a ghost, so he ignored the fact that he was once so happy to be playing music at all. He gave up on it because trying and practicing only reminded him of what he wouldn't be able to have. Because sitting at the house and being moody didn't bring in any cash flow, he took on a job of being a barista at his aunt's cafe-- and because she's on maternity leave, he's mostly running the joint. BUT IF YOU GIVE HIM A TIP, HE'LL SING FOR YOU.

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4CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Empty Appearance on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:31 am


CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Tumblr_mjmyr2qZzL1s6e4omo1_500

            Overall: Charlie's of average height at 5'10'', and has always been rather short before then. He keeps his hair shaggy for the most part, has a long, broad nose, and dark brown eyes that could be shiny and bright if he wasn't so downright miserable and self-pitying. When he's happy, though, he really is a sight to be seen; with a wide smile and a charming laugh.

            Regular Wear: Generally he wears a jeans (ripped or without), t-shirts with logos, and plaid flannels over the top. He doesn't try to dress up, really, at all. Girls don't come running up to him despite his overall decent looks. His personality seems to be worn just as visibly as his clothing.

            Formal Wear: Black trousers, white button up, a belt? You only get a blazer if you're walking down the aisle... Or being carried to your resting place. Those are just about his only exceptions. (Mostly because he doesn't even own a blazer anymore; not one that fits, anyways, because the last wedding he went to was in sixth grade.)

            Work Clothes: He actually does wear better clothing to work. He wears black pants and slacks interchangeably and a black polo (the only he owns), and the stupid yellow apron that he has to wear because he serves as a barista. Unsurprisingly, he deems himself a "little worker bee" which is the sort of effect you get with black attire and bright yellow aprons. He also has a little hat with the logo: yellow cup and the coffee shop's name: "Spill the Beans."

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5CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Empty Other Things on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:36 am


CHARLIE ❣ /not charlemagne/ Giphy

            Plot Ideas:
            ❣ Charlie and Milan were little band nerds together... Which is how they met, understandably.
            ❣ Milan reveals his identity and success-- queue rapid jealousy from Charlie who's failed so often.

            Milan: They were cool beans, once upon a time. Charlie is jello of his success.
            Maxine: Friends back in the day. They lost touch until recently with Milan's appearance.
            Mateo: Was a friend, but became absolved into work and didn't have time for Charlie.

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