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Minor updates as of late, and asking your help!

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Minor updates as of late, and asking your help! Tumblr_inline_msppnkmZkc1qlwc58

One day I will make a proper updates banner until then deal with random hello and update gifs

Hello everybody! How are ya doing? If you've been on the site at all recently you will have noticed slight design changes. The most noticeable of these is the nav bar is now easily readable.
So yay for that!

We also have the fancy little global announcement bar on the main page. This will be used for linking newest announcements that are like totally major, or for just greeting people. Or both. And as it's only on the main page, I figure it's not too annoying.

Anyway, as I messed around in the admin control panel, I noticed some optional features that could be implemented and wanted to get your opinions on the matter.
Minor updates as of late, and asking your help! Sxzkmg

Feel free to sound off in the comments about those or another feature you think could be cool.

Also... I've been toying around with the idea of making a basic portal or homepage for the forum.
Portal pages can be easily made in the admin panel, but I could also go as far as to make a simple table style HTML homepage.
(Granted the last one I made was in like 2010 but I still have all my notes from that class so...thats a thing to consider!)

I can also easily find templates online should that route be suggested.

So ya, just some things. Lemme know kay?


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