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>Garfield Drake : AKA that one kid with the RV [Spectral Springs]

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Name: Garfield Logan Drake
Age: 16.5
long blonde hair that he often says he needs to get cut at some point, light skin that could use a bit more sun, green eyes. He's tall, but not overly so? Thin but not unhealthy.
Arms, legs, and back all have scars - some healing, some older. These were acquired in various ways but asking him will yield answers that should be taken with a grain of salt.
Dresses plainly: a pair of jeans, a shirt, sometimes a hat.

A little strange, a bit obsessed with aliens and the paranormal, but generally a pretty smart and nice enough person who hides a bit of ice inside that heart.
Not one to seek out any close relationships due to some personal stuff he refuses to discuss, it is a miracle he has any friends at all.

DOB: July 17th xxxx
Parents: [redacted]
Garfield Logan Drake was born into a family, but refuses to disclose any information about them aside from the fact that he at one point had a younger sister. When asked about her he does not reveal much.

Past aside, around the age of 15 he stole an RV from his family home, decked it out in various high tech goods he had acquired by some means and hit the road leaving behind only a note that said "see ya."

There is currently a missing persons alert out for him.

>Conspiracy theories
>Kal (Pet ferret)
>Carrot Orange muffins
>Insects (they're fascinating)

>Fish (in general.)
>Meat (can't eat it. thanks mom)
>His given name.
>His parents
>paint by numbers.

>To be devoured by some kind of strange monster
>Fish and the dark deep unknown that is lurking beneath the ocean depths that humanity is incapable of reaching, and the stunning realization that should the temps keep climbing that we might discover something man was not meant to see.
>Fire. (but not bad enough to cause problems with fireplaces or candles. but he is weary of those. It's more bigger flames that terrify him.)
>To wake up one day and realise that his whole life up to that point had been a fabrication and that his existence is meaningless.
>To come to terms with the fact that his whole life is mapped out for him and no matter how hard he tries to run he's going to end up just another shiny trophy of the Drake name
>To drown in jello or a jello like substance. (hey it happens!)

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