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Asher Grayson ||Spectral Springs

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1Asher Grayson ||Spectral Springs Empty Asher Grayson ||Spectral Springs on Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:42 pm


Name: Asher "Ash" Grayson.
Age: 15 and 1/2 years young!
Appearance: Not exactly on the tall side of the height spectrum. Asher is actually a bit short for a boy his age. He has brown hair but if the sun hits it just right it has natural red mixed in (though mostly it just looks a rich shade of brown). His eyes are a very vivid green. Being at that "awkward age" his complexion isn't exactly the best. Asher actually has some freckles across the bridge of his nose. His mother said it was rather "charming" but he doesn't know what to think about his freckles. Normally his hair is rather unruly and doesn't cooperate with him. People have compared his hair to a birds nest, a sheep, or that he has "perpetual bedhead". Despite his freckles his skin has a rich warm color to it. He's not dark and tan but he isn't pasty white either.

Clothing wise he just wears mostly whatever he can find that's clean and comfortable. Some might argue he's got a bit of a "hipster" flair but he'll argue till he's red in the face that he's not a dirty hipster. Sometimes you might spot him wearing fake glasses in an attempt to look "educated" or "more intelligent". Asher's philosophy is dress for success but comfortably. What's the point of wearing restrictive clothing if it makes you feel like you've been stuffed into your clothing?

Personality: Asher is what most people would call a bit of a smart ass as well as sarcastic. He's not too keen on not being "in the know" and gets unsettle and even anxious when faced with uncertain situations. His lack of memories from his past leave him feeling like he's missing a huge piece of the puzzle known as his life. It even makes him feel incomplete. He's stubborn, passionate, and inquisitive. Sure he doubts his own abilities a lot of the time but when push comes to shove he's a very resourceful and will step up when need be.
Biography: Asher was born on October 31st to two loving parents. His father is an engineer who worked for a university in the big city. His mother (was) an paranormal researcher. This combination of brilliance however did not directly get passed onto their offspring. Growing up Asher was of average intelligence and endured the same fate as many kids who go through the public school system. However his life was flipped upside down when his mother disappeared in an mysterious explosion that caused Ash to suffer long term memory loss.

Now he and his father have moved away from the big city and are trying to settle down in Spectral Springs. Ash is less than thrilled by the move.

Likes: Video Games (retro included), Foxes, Most genres of music (especially alternative, indie, folk rock, and some electronic), Spicy food, Collecting vintage items (records, photos, cameras, typewriters, books, toys), and Coffee.
Dislikes: Bugs, Cliche country music, sour food, spiders, masks, tap water
Fears: Clowns, spiders, flying roaches, drowning, total darkness, being buried alive.

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