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[SS] Anna Molly Margaret Knight

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[SS] Anna Molly Margaret Knight Blahhh10

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Name: Anna Molly Margaret Knight.
Nickname: Molly; Anomaly.
Age: 17 years old, 12-2-1997.

Appearance: She doesn't have an exact style, as she is frequently changing her appearance, whether it be dying her hair or trying out different clothing. (As a bonus, she makes her own clothing the majority of the time.) She has long (slightly damaged) hair which she treats well with special conditioners. Her innate hair color is mousy brown. Her gray irises can appear blue when she wears certain colors.

Personality: Molly is a cool and collected girl with a liking for a bit of adventuring. Unlike other kids around town, she looked for the oddities happening around. For being a native to the small town of Spectral Springs, Arkansas, she sure is odd, in that respect. And though most of the town prefers to live out their lives without electronics or handy-dandy knick knacks, she treated herself to the beauty of the internet despite her parents' protests and frequently explores new fashions and what not on her cell phone. She's a little bit introverted, preferring sewing, drawing, or reading, to people, but is rather interested in humans as a whole.

Native to Spectral Springs, Arkansas, Molly's just a regular old townie! She lives with her parents and two older brothers who help take care of the family business. They own a rather large piece of land (in perspective of the town, which is rather small), where they have three divisions of chicken-related production: hens to lay eggs; hens and roosters mixed to breed chicks; and a poultry division where most roosters are sent to be oven-roasted and meet the saddest of fates (which Molly isn't very keen on acknowledging or partaking in). They take the eggs and sell them, along with the roasted roosters at the local grocer and so they have a fair bit of income as a family.

Because of this income, they have a nice country house for "fine-living" and own a few other animals to produce their own food (like a few cows and goats to make milk, butter, and cheese. They even raise a couple of pigs for a part of the year to "bring home the bacon," so overall, the family relies on the animals they raise for income and food. Mom has a garden that Molly and her work on a bit, so vegetables are also produced! They take good care of their animals to make sure everyone is happy (while they're alive).

As for Molly, she attends high school without much struggle. She's smart, though not incredibly outgoing and she does have a wandering mind. Because the school is small, her attendance is always perfect, otherwise another townie will rat you out anyways if you try to skip. But what has always kept her interest is the ongoing "anomalies" that are happening around town, despite people's general ignorance of them. She knows better and her mind has led her to places that simply magnify the importance of what she sees in her waking hours.

* Chickens. In particular, her pet chicken named Peepers.
* Sewing, crafts, and designing handmade clothing.
* Taking a walk in the town's outlying woods.
* Occasionally sketching stuff, but she's not that great.

* Being put in difficult situations or conflicts.
* Watching the roosters die or partaking in their deaths.
* Not being around chickens enough. They are her life source.
* Being out of the loop, because it's frustrating.

* Claustrophobia. After an incident with her brothers and a closet.
* Getting in a fight with any of the poultry machinery. Yikes.
* Anything happening to her family... or chickens!!
* Being put in a position where she has to chose the unfavorable choice.

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