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Spectral Springs || Fletcher Hammersmith ||

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1Spectral Springs || Fletcher Hammersmith || Empty Spectral Springs || Fletcher Hammersmith || on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:05 am


Spectral Springs || Fletcher Hammersmith || Fletcher_Hammersmith

Name: Fletcher Hammersmith
Age: 16 years old
Appearance: Fletcher is often found clad with a beanie on her small blonde head, a plain coloured singlet and either baggy pants or shorts. Her feet are often covered in converse shoes of any kind. Her socks are extravagant and probably the brightest most colourful thing about her.

Personality: If there is one thing Fletcher picked up off her father and that is her no one messes with me attitude. Upon first meeting Fletcher one would think she was cold hearted and mean, but upon closer analysis you will find Fletcher is a just a sad, scared, lonely little girl struggling to find the brightness in each day. Though she hides her sadness well she will always appear happy and bright at first sight.

Biography: Fletcher was born the 8th of December, I couldn’t say she was born into a completely happy home but her mother loved her dearly. Her father is a high ranking and well known motorcycle gang member and had taken Fletcher from her mother when she was at the young of 7. Living with her father Fletcher became obsessed with material things and adding ink to her body as she was told it would make her appear tougher. Now 16 and clad in multiple tattoos all over her body, she was finally found by her mother who stressed the danger of her father and what he could be pulling her into.

Stealing a heap of cash and other essentials she was sure she would need from who father who that night died in a gang war, she was shipped to Spectral Springs by her mother in hopes she will find a better life.  

Likes:   x Tattoos      x rock music   x Tea         x  Drawing  
                   x Unhealthy obsession with cats    x Sweets (especially cake)
                    x  Reading    x Video games                           x drugs and cigarettes
Dislikes: x Bugs that jump                                      x Most country music
                    x People dressed as mascots                       x Being alone
                     x Disrespect to her friends or herself            x Peer-pressure
Fears: x The dark                        x having a drug over dose
                   x Being alone forever         xClowns
                   xThe death of herself or her mother due to the gang.     x Open water

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