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The handy guide to the T.O.S (Terms of Service)

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With the recent activity over the pass few days with a certain someone, I have decided to refresh you all on a few of our rules. In this small guide you will learn the rules and regulations of this site using simple non-technical language we all can understand.
My goal is that by doing this our little forum can grow towards a better future.

This site is pg-13, that means that explicit images and writing are not allowed.
Images depicting graphic violence and things that may seem too suggestive are a no-no, however I am not overly strict about this rule and if you wish to post work that is too violent or suggestive you may post it under a spoiler tag BUT you must give a warning.
If the piece is too offensive then it will be removed and you will get a warning.
Excessive swearing is also not allowed. Mild swearing is alright, but nothing too profane. Use your better judgment, please.

While on this site avoid using txt tlk and typing in all caps. Some caps is alright (like for making a single word stand out, or making a character shout in a roleplay) and some minor txt tlk (but not too too much) is also fine. Just don't go overboard.

Don't stray off topic too much, I understand it is a hard thing and we often do it by accident, but let's just try our best not to let it happen too much.

As stated earlier this site is pg-13, under no circumstances are you to post links to porno sites or other websites that are way over our pg-13 rating.

5[)/b] Advertising phishing and scamming sites is a banable offense.

Treat other members kindly, if you are found to be bullying others on this site you will be banned. We want to keep this a happy and safe site for all.

Do not post art that is not yours under the artist alley section, if you didn't draw it, then you can't post it. However: bases, icons,sig bars and sprite edits are allowed under the proper section.

We work with a strike system, the more stikes against you the more likely you will be banned. If you don't want strikes then follow the rules. It's not that hard.

Skye's addition:
9) Racism and sexism are not allowed, under any circumstance and in any way, shape, or form. Excessive amounts of either of these is punishable by banning.

I'll be expanding on the rules for the various mediums avaliable here in different posts, these include:
The rules for the Oekaki.
The rules for posting videos
And oher similar things.

☆═━┈Admin Lead ┈━═★

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