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Bunny's Quest!

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1Bunny's Quest! Empty Bunny's Quest! on Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:35 am


Hello! I'm thetinbunny and this will be my little quest to find great and exciting one x one roleplays.

Just a little bit of background info about me
I'm in college so my hours are unpredictable but usually I'm on a lot during the weekends (unless I procrastinated on a project > > *cough* ) I'll try to be on for two or more hours during the week days to check the site and reply to roleplays. So I'm really looking for an rp partner who's ok with replies that might not be instantaneous and spread out over a few days.

I'm open to most ideas however like most people I do have my limits. Rps with themes related to terminal illness (especially cancer) I'm not okay with. There are more but I'll refrain from posting a long list. Just shoot me a message with your rp idea, we'll toss some ideas around, and if something I feel uneasy with comes up in the plotting process then I'll inform you and see if we can find another idea instead.

I really enjoy plotting out ideas in depth. Also having a responsive rp partner who is willing to suggest ideas and not just go along with some crazy elaborate idea I come up with. The reason I enjoy rping so much is the collaborative story telling process. It's so much fun and I want both of us to enjoy the story we create together!

That's about it for me. If you have any other questions then feel free to post them in this topic or send me a message. I look forward to creating great stories with you : ]

Thanks for dropping by!

2Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:07 pm


Idea no. 1

It's based on the song called Eternity by Vixx
The mv basically shows the guys with this girl but in the end it was all some sort of illusion/dream/or memories of a time when they were together/she was alive.

I'm gonna mix up this idea with another kpop song called Severely by FT.Island.
So one of the characters fell in love with someone in the past and they had a great romance full of ups and downs. One day their love dies BUUUT! While they're mourning and trying to get on with their life they notice someone who looks almost identical to their dearly departed lover and what's even stranger is that person has the same initials (granted the name is different) and likes the exact same things. The main guy becomes infatuated with this stranger and makes several attempts to get close to them. They eventually hit things off only to find out at the verrrrryyyy end that the person was their dearly departed's ex lover from before the original couple met...and that person ends up killing the main guy in the end (jk jk! or maybe I'm not?) OR different idea. The guy has this pocket watch that allows him to go back in time so he goes back to the week his lover dies and tries to change what happens so they don't die. (That’s more like severely)s

3Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:08 pm


Idea no. 2

What about a stalker and famous or soon to be famous idol/model/musician?
Have you ever heard of the saseang fans? They stalk the idols in Korea hard core (so scary) Maybe your person kidnaps mine and keeps them trapped in some remote cabin (or in a small apartment ) and tries to force the idol to fall for them. Basically the stalker would be totally Yandere . Good example of this idea type would be um...look up the song The Art of Seduction by Heo Young Saeng or Fan by Epik High.

Or your character could be the kidnapped one.

4Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:10 pm


Idea no. 3

Could do an abusive type rp. I'd call it Jekyll and Hyde. One of the people in the relationship suffers from a split personality and one minute can be so sweet and adoring then the next trying to bludgeon the bf/gf to death... (Look up hyde by vixx)

So for the mafia idea....there's this song called baby I'm sorry by a group named Myname. In the mv you see this group of friends basically fall apart as two of them join rivaling gangs. So I have an idea that either an assassin falls in love with the target he's assigned to kill, two rivaling gang members fall for another (maybe the bosses? either way they have to keep it hidden from their gangs)possibly?

Or we could go down this route for an rp I really like that I came up with. There are these two unlikely best friends; one is a jock and the other is this girly looking artsy type. They've been friend forever and the jock has had a one sided crush on the artist for so long. So the summer they graduate the jock tells the artist but the artist rejects the jock (because the artist has a dad who's a major homophobic and already hates the artist for looking so girly and he swears he must be gay) So the rejected jock eventually spirals downward and ends up joining the artists dad's gang (yeah the artists dad is a gang leader but the artist and jock don’t know that they just think he's a busy CEO) and we can have it where the two meet up after the jock dives into the darkness but seeing the artist re sparks those old feelings and he starts to see the kind of monsters he's become. . . but will he notice before it's too late for them? dun dun dun.... I had this dramatic idea where for the jock to prove himself loyal to the gang he has to kill this “hostage” that the boss’s other underlings brought in. The hostage, when the jock takes of the person’s bag covering their head, is none other than the poor artist that he’s been in love with for so long. The boss, the artists father, hands the jock a gun and tells him to kill the “little faggot” or he’ll kill them both. So we could go with a romeo and juliet type situation where both boys die, the jock kills the artists father, or the jock refuses and ends up dying protecting the artist he loved so much.

5Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:17 pm


Idea no. 4

Or a detective x criminal rp. The criminal has this sick obsession with the detective and commits crimes in hopes of getting the attention of the detective (since he's too shy/awkward to talk to him in a normal setting). Maybe the criminal starts to ruin the detectives life by killing his gf/bf who he views as a rival for the detectives love and goes totally yandere and kidnaps the detective and tries to force his feelings upon the clueless detective. There are other routes we could go with this too. Maybe the criminal is another detective at the police force and stalks, obsesses, and commits crimes under the nose of the police chief and his beloved detective to get his attention?

Hell we could get as crazy and potentially dark as some episodes of Criminal Minds.

Heck we could even do something similar. Like one of our characters works for an agency like that. Mine (if I were to choose a character type to imitate from that series) would be like the little psychologist. Maybe the other character in this rp is someone who maybe was a victim of a crime years ago and the psychologist tried their best to counsel and comfort them after the horrific mess they were put through. The victim from the past develops a weird obsession with the psychologist and has been planning for awhile to make them love them back? Or the victim maybe was pissed off at the agency for taking them out of the horrible situation because (for whatever reason) the victim thought the person who had put them in the bad situation really cared and loved them? So by arresting and or killing that person it made the victim form a lethal grudge towards the people who stepped in. The victim from the past decides to target the psychologist character since he/she seems the least threatening on the team and least likely to be able to put up much of a fight. So they use the psychologist character as a way to try and get back at the agents by holding said character hostage and giving the agency a deadline to meet their demands or more people will die other than the psychologist who they've kidnapped.

6Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:20 pm


Idea no. 5

Then with the Supernatural idea it’s based kinda on the coupling of Destiel. Shhhhh! I know it’s a popular ship But, I was thinking that Character A is a human, struggling through life, been put in an mental asylum for “hearing voices” but it’s really God/heaven trying to communicate to him. The human dismisses it as hallucinations, takes the narcotics the doctors prescribed him, and tries to tune it out for years. Then one fateful day the human’s life is in “mortal peril” as a demon is trying to rip him limb from limb and his guardian angel swoops in, kicks ass, and save him! Then of course the angel is like, “Why have you been ignoring my calls?” and the human is like, “Calls? Excuse you I don’t know who the hell you think you are but I don’t recognize you, your voice, and I don’t make a habit of hanging out with side show freaks so screw off.” Or something like that; denying once again, to the face of his rescuer, that he has a connection with celestial beings and has a higher calling for his life. Then they go on adventures in attempts to purify the world and save God’s creation from damnation! Of course it wouldn't be easy. They're be demons trying to lead the human astray, monsters trying to kill them both, and all sorts of chaos.

Or we could go a more Sam and Dean route with two brothers, or maybe a couple, who had a supernatural occurrence in their lives that have made them less oblivious to the true evil in the world so they take it upon themselves to rid the world of said evil.

7Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:22 pm


Idea no. 6

It’s sorta based on Doctor Who. So there’s this kid who’s been bullied all during school from elementary through high school. Every night the kid says the same prayer to God hoping that he’ll send him a friend. Years go by and the prayer goes unanswered until one fateful night on the eve of the kids 13th birthday when a “shooting star” comes crashing down the kid’s backyard. The kid goes out to find an older man/woman emerging from an space craft (might be disguised as something more ordinary like a phone box, car, small boat, ect) and the kid it turns out that night was in danger of being abducted by some aliens so the mysterious person saves said kid. The kid sees the person’s space craft, begs to go along with them, but the mysterious person says that the kid is too young but they’ll return later. A good 8 years passes by and then mysterious stranger reappears in the kid (now young adults) life in a bizarre way and they travel the universe saving worlds, planets, and having all sorts of adventures. It’s during these adventures that the kid begins to develop romantic feelings for the mysterious person from their past but will the odds be in their favor? Or does fate have other plans in mind for who the lonely kid shall fall in love with?

Feel free to contribute any ideas or suggestions to anything I'm suggesting.

8Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:24 pm


Idea no. 7

Just watch the mv (it’s by K.Will called Please Don’t). I've always wanted to do an rp based off of this~

9Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:28 pm


Idea no. 8

I'm not too sure how this one would exactly play out and last too long but hear me out!

Another mv with so many feels is The Day Before by Nell. I'd love to do an rp based on this too. People in the comments speculate if the two guys in the mv are gay and the one guy can't deal with not being able to be his true self, to be able to be open about his feelings for his best friend/person he loves dearly, so he kills himself rather than keep living a lie. It's deep.

Maybe after the one character passes then we could shift to the other trying to move on with his life? Maybe they start a movement that leads to change in memory of the person they care about? Or writes a movie/book about the experiences and ends up falling in love with the person playing their departed best friend :c

Okay I just slightly made myself sad thinking about that. Oops.
Any ways just an idea to think on.

10Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:24 pm


Idea no. 9 (well technically it's more an over all list of potential parings/random ideas)

best friend x best friend
abusive relation ship - - abuser x abused
love/hate relationship
popular student x outcast
servant x royalty
run away prince/princess x unknowing commoner
arranged marriage
abused x concerned friend
rich x poor
photographer x model
rival band member x rival band member
band (like in general )
killer x prey
exchange student x hosts son/daughter
unstable couple <--guess that's the hyde idea
mental hospital <--those can be creepy

11Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:32 pm


Idea no. 10 -- Based on an old character I'd started to develop but never got around to completing.

Ivan Von Usterburg

Timeline of Ivan's life. Born into a rich family. His mom and dad were never around. Grew up with nannies and butlers. Second grade tradgey struck. Ivan's parents die in a "mysterious car crash" (actually murdered)
Moved to America with Aunt (insert name here) and abusive uncle. He was doing high school math in 4th grade and had completed everything they taught him by 7th grade (but Ivan skipped a grade) He murdered his uncle in 8th grade (temp insanity)

By the time he's 18 he's declared mentaly able to asist in his trial (basically they say he's stable and can be released)

18 he enrolls in a community college in (state). Gets restless . . remembers what he did in 8th grade and the violent impulses resurface. Starts getting some of the money he's parents are giving him. It's not exactly enough to live on. He gets a cheap little apartment. The lawyer (gotta give him him a name. he'll get killed soon )

1st victim was some idiot who walked out in front of him.
2nd victim was the lawyer
3rd the kidnapper - - someone he know from night class. offers to take him home. Pays someone to beat him up and deliver him to the hide out . . kills delivery man.

I don't even know. I guess he's going to be a kidnapper? Or maybe he gets kidnapped and it's like Stockholm Syndrome? He starts hurting other to make the kidnapper happy until something happens and he ends up "getting rid of" the kidnapper? Maybe the kidnapper get a new "favorite" and that doesn't sit well with Ivan?

Sometimes I question the places my mind goes to and how I get characters like this.

12Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:05 pm


Idea no. 11

This could potentially be a group or just a one x one depending on what's plotted out.
The idea is about these two bloodlines. The blood lines being of Cain and Able. Cain's bloodline are more violent and their jobs usually include working the land, hard labor, nothing very glamorous or cushion-y. Able's bloodline consist of the more creative kinder souls. Their jobs usually include things related to music, art, and isn't as physically demanding as the Cain bloodline. Well there's an ancient prophecy that speaks about how it's forbidden for these two bloodlines to ever cross and birth a child. The offspring of the two could either bring about the destruction of the already frayed and damaged world (it's in an apocalypse like setting. it isn't very modern. just the remains of the empires man had once built before spitting in the face of a higher being and trying to elevate themselves to god like status) or be the savior of the world and unite the people to reclaim the world and not settle for the fate they think they're headed towards. Hell and Heaven both send a representative to keep an eye on the child who is born of both bloodlines. Hell wants to control the child and use the powers to bring about the end. The angels on the other hand are just more or less there to keep the evil impulses at bay (God might've left and didn't tell the angels what to do in case this kid was born. He might've also forgotten to add that if positively encouraged the kid could help the human race out. In the story God more or less has given up on humanity and "gone on vacation"). So the story would be about the kid trying to understand why he/she is shunned even feared by the two groups and how they fit into the world.

13Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:16 pm


Idea no. 12

This is a gang type story line. It'd be about a young adult who was more or less the gang's "little errand boy" because he (or she sorry I just use he for pronouns out of habit) has volunteered x number of years of his life in service to the gang to pay off his father's debt. The father was a poor excuse of a dad after the mother left him (or she might've died up to us as we plot things out) and began drinking heavily, gambling, betting on horse races, and losing money hand over fist. The kid is brilliant but his potential isn't seen by himself. He's very pessimistic and has a grim outlook on life due to the shit he's seen working for the gang. So I was thinking that a teacher at his university (or maybe community college sick the kid is also working a job outside of working for the gang) notices how brilliant the kid is and also catches onto when he isn't at school for days on end (due to having to run jobs for the gang). The kid often comes to class with bruises on his arms, a split lip, or even a black eye depending on who he's pissed off or the nature of the errand he had to run. So this teacher tries taking an interest in the student's life but the kid is just so convinced his future is hopeless that the kid refuses help.

Now this is when the plotting would come into place. The teacher could discover the students secret and try to pay off the rest of his father's loan or goes under cover working for the gang too? Or any other ideas we come up with. Maybe it's not even a teacher who takes an interest in the troubled student (kid) but a friend of the family he'd grown up with, a student at the college who might have a crush on him, or a police officer who's seen the kid involved in gang related work and doesn't wanna wreck the kid's future. Maybe the cop was in a similar situation growing up and finally broke out of that life and got into law enforcement to help people who face similar situations? Like I said it's all up to whatever we feel like coming up with.

But whoever gets concerned for the "kid" ends up later on taking a real liking to him (again sorry I always stick with he/him when describing plots. nothing against female characters ) and a relationship maybe could develop between the two?

14Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:24 pm


Idea no. 13 "A Beautiful Mind" (I haven't seen the movie I just have heard the title so I thought it could work for this)

This idea would be about a character who is extremely brilliant at let's say writing stories, writing music, or drawing and lives in his made up land in their mind. They're so far out of touch with reality it's a miracle they're even alive and functioning. So it's safe to assume this person is a savant of some sort? Maybe the parents get worried and hire someone to live with the savant like character to make sure he/she eats, gets to sleep, and goes to their "doctor's" appointments.

Here is where we can have the story go in two directions. The live in roommate could be completely amazed by the stories this person tells and begins developing feelings for them. Or the doctor at the clinic they go to to get their prescriptions and talk out about their "world" could maybe be really enamored by the savant character and end up terminating treating them as a patient because they simply just want to be a bigger part of their life. A friend. Maybe even a lover?

But the thing is it's so hard to reach this person. To fully understand their world let alone be apart of it fully and it takes it's toll on the person who ends up caring for them. It'd be kind of a sad ish idea now that I think more about it.

But feel free to add on and contribute ideas.

15Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:38 pm


Idea no. 14

The many Kingdom Hearts related ideas simply because I love Kingdom Hearts.
These might be better group ideas. But I'm putting them here so I don't forget the ideas.

It's been 100 years since Sora & Riku's adventures came to end, the boys have been recognized as heroes in various worlds.
Their lives were grand and their stories are the most exciting part of any history class.
However, with peace across worlds comes boredom, and from boredom springs violence.
The youth have begun to form gangs and now compete for control of the underground,
Three big names are the prime contenders - Sleepless, D-void, and Nightwalkers.
All small fry groups and shattered before they can really make their mark.
But how?

Gen 2?
This idea is basically about the "kids" of our beloved original game characters like Sora, Riku, Axel, ect.
Yeah I get some people will have issues with Axel, Roxas, Namine, and people like them having "kids" because of how the timeline in the story is and how some characters may or may not exist any longer. I'm pro AUs so if you want to have Axel have a kid then so be it! Or Demyx or well any of Org XIII.
So basically it'd just be about the kids having their own adventures. Maybe it might not be as spectacular as their parents seeing as at the beginning the worlds would all be at peace. Maybe it's just issues that regular kids face like growing up, developing crushes, going to school, getting bullied, moving away, and "finding yourself". Or later on we could create a threat that harms the 20 years or so worth of peace since Sora and co last saved the world. Then it'd be up to the kids to take on that threat and carry their parents old "jobs".

In this universe not everyone is a keyblade wielder and that irks some people. Technically there isn't even really a need for them but they carry on the traditions of training those who can summon one and put them through a graduation exam. Or well a mastery test like Aqua had to pass. Later on some threat occurs and it surprises the hell out of everyone. Or we could be like hunger games and have the kids participate in this big game where they prove who really is the best? I'm just throwing out ideas.

I'll add more ideas later.. most of them are on "that" site.

16Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:43 pm


Idea no. 15

Look up Troye Sivan's song Blue and Wild. The mvs are what have given me an idea for a story. If you want to know more about what I've got in mind for this idea just ask. Basically these people grew up in a repressive environment that doesn't treat everyone's love equally. There's a lot of ups and downs. Threats made. The two end up having to hide their feelings. One out of fear of being beaten up by a parent ends up dating someone that he/she isn't drawn to to "cover up" who they really are. That character also avoids the person they really felt something for because they don't want them getting hurt either :c So it's like a I guess "coming of age story" and "self discovery" and all that jazz.

Again always up for hearing your opinions and suggestions.

17Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:47 pm


Idea no. 16 -- Zombies!

I like a good zombie rp here and there. We don't have to go cliche walking dead style. We could take a Znation approach. Maybe Warm bodies? Or even iZombie if you've seen that tv show on the CW. We can make it where when the zombies eat brains they get the memories of the person and act like how they would (more izombie ish). They're not "dumb" but can function with society so long as they have brains to eat. I mean Liv works in a morgue so that's how she gets her brains. And she helps this doctor try to develop the cure while solving murders.

So if you like zombies then let's talk.

18Bunny's Quest! Empty Re: Bunny's Quest! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:57 pm


Idea no. 17 -- Fictional/Supernatural City

Again this might be more of a group idea.
Let me clarify this isn't like if Supernatural was a city. It's more along the lines of The Wolf Among Us. Like a city full of fictional characters like the big bad wolf, snow white, ect. Or it could be more like Underworld where it's more monsters and less storybook characters. But there would be gangs (what is it with me and gangs?) that control different areas of the city. Each of the creatures has an alliance with a different side. These gangs have leverage on like everyone. They rule the city by fear. So I guess our characters would be involved in the big two gangs? So it'd follow the lives of those creatures involved in the mafias and how the city survives if an all out war where to occur between the different groups.

If it were more like TWAU then it'd be like shitty city, bad things are happening, and the towns folk are at their wits end and are trying to get things changed. Some of us would play detectives/law enforcement and others might play less that kind characters who deal in shady businesses, or are concerned parents.. maybe kids affected by the stuff going on.

Feel free to chime in.

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