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The handy guide to our new layout (for those who are confused)

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For all those who are new to the site, or those who have been gone a long while and don't know what the new words in the navigation at the top of the page (under the header) mean, here is a handy lil guide:

this will bring you to the forum page from the portal or anywhere else on the site.

This will bring you to the portal

This will bring you to the calandar. All sorts of holidays and event dates are stored here.

this will bring you to the gallery. You can view mascot art and other stuff here.

The FAQ is here, but why use that when you can go to the newbie station and read guides like this?

The search feature is here.

View members like yourself here.

View the various moderator groups here.

Edit your profile from here

View PM's here.

Log out

Log in


I know the new icons can be a bit confusing, but with the help of this handy dandy guide: I hope things are easier to understand ^^

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