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Mateo E. Alatorre Arechiga || Beautiful Now (Profile)

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Jellyfish_n u g g e t

Jellyfish_n u g g e t
Mateo Elias Alatorre Arechiga

Mateo Elias Alatorre Arechiga >> "Teo" "Eli" || 25 years old || Mario Casas

-Father: Tomas Alatorre Huerta
-Mother: Adela Arechiga Alatorre
-Little Brother: Isaac Alatorre

Born in Spain, Mateo, was given both the surnames of his father and mother as custom. This makes his name longer than most names seen in the U.S. His younger brother was born in the states and therefore was only given the surname of his father. He was named "Mateo", meaning "God's Gift", because of the fact he was a premature child. Originally, his parents planned to name him Tomas, after his father, but his mother insisted on Mateo. His name, in his mother's eyes, was her way of thanking God for giving her child the strength to live. His second name "Elias", was originally supposed to be his younger brothers name, but his parents thought of never having another child so they decided on "Mateo Elias".

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Jellyfish_n u g g e t

Jellyfish_n u g g e t

Early years:

Elementary School:

Middle School:

High School:

After Graduation//Current:

Jellyfish_n u g g e t

Jellyfish_n u g g e t


Personality Overview

Positive Traits;

-Eager to learn
-Good under pressure

Negative Traits;

-Blunt (sometimes to honest )
-Does not trust easily
-Does not show feelings easily
-Poor communication skills
-Holds grudges
-Competitive ( can go overboard )

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